Monday, May 09, 2011

what's what

All right. Trying again to get back into it.

This is a time of year where my quality sports unfold: the Champions League closing stages, the F1 season is in full swing, NHL playoffs, and the World Snooker Championship wraps the first weekend in May. John Higgins won his fourth title last week in a stunning final frame. For me, nothing gets better than the two-week run at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Enjoy:

I think I’m prepared for the two weddings this month: one in Minneapolis and one in Vermont. I think shoes are the only item remaining on the list.

The Minneapolis event is for my best friend from high school (and two-year college roommate). All of the get- togethers look great; I’m flying in Friday and using mass transit (both light rail and bus) to get in and around The Cities. After years of using mass transit for travel, it’s second nature to pull up information, get timetables, order fare cards, and slip/slide around cities. I’m looking forward to my second experience on the rail in Minneapolis. If memory serves, the Hiawatha line from the airport into downtown is quite nice.

X gardened all weekend; I cooked and did some cleaning. Our new bookshelves appear to be on the verge of shelving books.

I have two stories from the weekend that I’m contemplating providing to my myriad readers. Most of the audience has heard them already, but it might be enlightening to others. One is funny; the other a bit sad. Give me another day or two to decide.
For L’s birthday dinner last night we continued with the normal pizza night, while she and I made a poor attempt (mostly my poor, her attempt) at a chocolate orange cake. Fortunately, Corey also brought over a massive chocolate pudding so we had strong back up. She went to Eastern Market during the day to walk her rabbit trail of happiness and came back with a new, handmade, t-shirt design. She was quite happy to pocket her loads of cash from across the Hilltop, and the country.

The Eleven joined the newlyweds for a garden walk and tea at Hillwood Estate in the afternoon: perfect weather for the gardens. We had alleged tea at the ‘tea room’, but they are in dire need of an actual chef doing actual cooking of tea –time treats. That portion of the visit, though enjoyable, left quite a bit to be desired in the food/tea arena.

You’ve been as updated as you can be…for now.

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