Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm off to the Twin Cities tomorrow afternoon. A mere 30 years after meeting my best high school friend, I'm on a plane for his wedding. I don't remember the exact circumstance of our first meeting, but I vaguely recall being in Mr. Choate's Spanish class at Valley View Jr. High School. Eventually, we became four as Jeff, Todd (the other Todd), Soren (groom), and I became fast friends and thrived through high school. Those youthful days of studying hard, air guitar, Foos-ball, the Tubes, road trips, and dreaming of futures are very, very special to me. You never really get past those most powerful moments of relationships. It's easy to recall some of both the great and stupid things we did together. Amongst the four of us, the other three will always seem greater than a good way. I got to take a little piece of each of them with me as I wandered far away and did different things. For the first time in 18 years (?), we'll all be together in one place - I'm a little nervous. Mostly for the worry of discussion and my attempts to tell what I've been up to over that very long period my life. In the end, it'll be a wonderful get together.

And with the celebration comes Slobberbone. To get more specific, Soren and I were college roommates for two years at Iowa. For two years he wandered the cut-out bins of the local records shops. For those years, and beyond, he was always the one who found the great music, brought it home, wrote up top ten lists, and passed on all the legwork that he so enjoyed. Back in the early 2000s he reported on Slobberbone. I can still remember reading his top ten list that year and wondering about this band with the unfortunate name. I've seen them a half-dozen times on two continents and every, single time I drink too many beers, yell at the band, and generally behave as you would at a show by the mighty Slobberbone. Every, single show (even with new friends and wives), made me think of Soren with his cut-out LPs in 1983.

Funny thing. Slobberbone disbanded in about 2005 (?) and I flew to Minneapolis to see the farewell show with Soren and his sister at the 400 Club. Wouldn't you guess, after six years they are back on the wagon and playing at the 7th St. Entry of First Avenue tomorrow night - before the hitchin' ceremony - odds? So, I'll disappear for the weekend - after just coming back. But, rest assured that at some point tomorrow night, maybe around 11p (CDT), we'll be listening to Brent Best and the boys belt out Engine Joe. And we'll be smiling until the clock rolls over.

I once read a set of liner notes about the Gear Daddies (another all-time favorite), that put forth this idea: there are better bands in this World. There are more talented bands in this World. But, I will never love another band quite like I love the Gear Daddies.

For me, that's Slobberbone.

Nothing. Better.

See you on the other side.

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