Thursday, May 19, 2011

used car salesman

George Will once wrote a book called Men At Work. It’s an amazing piece of work that viewed four aspects of Major League Baseball – hitting, fielding, pitching, managing – by following around four participants for an entire season: Hershiser, LaRussa, Ripken Jr., and Boggs. Maybe that was the starting point of his ‘genius’ fascade, and now, for some reason, loads of people think of Will as some savant of politics because he wears a bowtie, has glasses, and doesn’t seem to be much of a screamer. In reality, Will is comedic, at best, when it comes to politics. A prime example (another one?) of his blind worship is his commentary in today’s WaPo.

California is a big, hot financial mess. As they try to work their way through a $26B shortfall, Jerry Brown – not perfect, by any stretch – has made it clear that he will cut spending, and he has, but they will have to increase or extend some current taxes to find the center. What has happened so far? Brown and the legislature have cut spending by up to $14B, more than half way there, and now he needs to work the revenue side in order to get further down the path of remedy. But, will the Republicans consider it? No. Could George Will look honestly into the issue and come up with a balanced review? Not a chance. You can pop over and read Will’s position on prison guards, municipal employees, tax-loving liberals, and his left-short analysis on 1980 schools vs. prison spending. Holding Will up as any sort of deep thinker is reach. Anyone could figure out what movement there has been made on California’s economic issue by simply using the Internet (here and here). Will won’t do that; he’ll just ape the same weak positions that pervade the Republican party. If George would like to stop by the house, we can have dinner and talk. It won’t be a long conversation.

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