Friday, May 13, 2011


“I’ll just take her out to our favorite Thai place and then go home and we can watch a movie. I have The Hangover from Netflix.”

The Hangover? You’re going to watch The Hangover for your anniversary? That’s not really anniversary material. Or, for that matter, material for any sane person over the age of 28.”

“Well, I have Patton, also.”


“It won the Academy Award for Best Picture.”

“Yeah, it did.”

This is a snippet of a conversation involving the first anniversary of an unnamed work compatriot. I guess if Patton is your fallback for a romantic anniversary, I got nothing more to teach you, Daniel-san.

This was the first week that I was in the kitchen for my class/school restaurant. We don’t have a massive menu so getting everything straight isn’t horribly difficult. What takes time is sorting out priorities, prep, plating, and kitchen movements. We have a very small class so even when we are all there (five) we’re pretty busy. (The lunch/afternoon/restaurant class has something like 10 or 12 in the kitchen.) Last night – only our second – two didn’t show: one who is gone on a weekly basis with some sort of ailment (she missed two of three days this week), and one I wouldn’t have expected to miss, but who apparently had a ‘bad day’. Luckily, all the prep was mostly done the day before, so we survived. The real kicker, as far as time is concerned, is that we still produce an equal amount of dishes, and overall mess, whether we are 3 or 5. It takes a good, long piece to clean the entire place with only three of us there. I tell you this for no particular reason. Well, I tell you this so you’ll glean some idea of how much I hate people who don’t show. That’s all.

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