Saturday, June 05, 2010

things to ponder...and then eat

Every few months I end up stopping at the Italian Store in Arlington either on my way to pick up X at work, or on the way home. The gravitational pull that gets me into the parking lot is usually my complete lack of interest in cooking that evening; believe me, it's rare. The Italian Store is known far-and-wide for its made-to-order deli and pizza - swing in at lunch or at 6pm on a weeknight and there'll be a line of people; and, about a half-dozen folks knocking out sandwiches. (They are also a very good Italian market if you're searching for pastas, sauces, wines, etc.) Last night was one of those nights so I swung in and got a veggie sandwich for us, a turkey/salami for L., and a hot meatball sub with provolone for G (oh, and two hand-rolled cannoli). The first two sandwiches were excellent (they have great breads and top-of-the-line meats) as expected but it's the meatball sub I want to focus on. G. wasn't hungry so the sub sat for a while before I decided that I was still peckish and decided to give it a quick microwave hit and try what the boys call the best meatball sub out if they know. I've no idea how or what they do but that thing was amazing. Simply. Amazing. I've never in my live eaten any deli sandwich, meatball, grinder, or whatever you call it, that was so utterly fantastic. The meatballs, the sauce, the cheese, the soft bread. I have nothing more to say about that.

We've got spanakopita and big beans for dinner. The kids have tacos. Two loaves of potato bread are doing their thing.

That is all.


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