Wednesday, June 02, 2010


On NPR this morning they were teasing an upcoming discussion about the Israel v. flotilla story and the clip they played from the expert who was to join them went something like this:

'The problem between the Israelis and Palestinians is about what’s going on in Israel. It’s also about what’s not going on.'

Nice. Covered all the bases there. I’ll either post this entry, or I won’t.

I lost my phone on Sunday afternoon – after the pool, probably whilst buying taro bubble tea – and nothing came of it. I had my e-mail address labeled on the back so I figured I’d come across someone paying it forward but that hasn’t happened. I checked my usage online and no one is up to nefarious deeds; I’m guessing the next person into the crowded parking lot may have run it over and it’s merely a pile of pieces that no one is much interested in clearing from the asphalt. I have now joined the iPhone army – on the same day they reported they no longer have unlimited data service. Of course, it probably won’t cost me anymore since I doubt I’ll be a massive data user (even X is a less than 200mb per month legal eagle.)

I finished second on my first little competition last night (tapas). There were four judges – three from Spanish places in D.C., and one chef from school – and they seemed pleased. The GM from a D.C. tapas restaurant stopped by afterwards and complimented my offerings, noting the homemade potato bread and Romesco. In the end, that’s the kind of input I’m looking for so it was a success all around. I did, in the end, add crabmeat to the recipe after X suggested it the night before and I think it helped quite a bit.

To offset that little story, I then proceeded to slice the living crap out of my left ring finger while prepping in class. A good chunk of the nail and skin; not to fear, staunched the bleeding after ten minutes, taped that bitch up, and got back to work. Life.

Love to all


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