Thursday, June 17, 2010


I was never particularly well-versed in video games; we’re talking about ‘put a quarter in and play your life’ video games. Even at the peak of my powers, circa 1981 or so, I was only actually good at tabletop football and half-decent at Missile Command and Asteroids. In the early days of home gaming I vaguely remember Frogger and some other where you jumped log-to-log across a river. Back in those days, by the time home consoles arrived, we were more interested in Foosball, playing quarters, and air guitar. I bring this up because I swung by the mall a few days ago – that being a separate challenge in things that I hate – to pick up a another controller for the Wii that the boys have at home, and maybe a game of some type to occupy people’s time. I ended up with Wii Resort and two motion (?) sensors for the controllers. I’m so slow on this stuff that I didn’t even realize the sensors are just controller add-ons so I had to return the next day for an actual third controller, third sensor, and additional nunchuk. It gets a bit expensive at some point. At least the Resort game comes with stuff that interests me: archery, Frisbee, flying, etc. I played a bit with L. last night and set some high scores on dog-catching Frisbee and some sort of jet-ski slalom thingy. While I was speaking with the sales guy at the shop – we were the only two in the place while I checked out – I sounded vaguely like my ironic/moronic/iconic character that talks to someone about cars and all I can spit out are words that I’ve made-up and/or gleaned from listening to my friend, Buzz. I don’t know anything about either subject.

I found out today that one of my favorite shows, Foyle’s War, has three more episodes out on DVD. We thought it had ended a few years back when WWII ended (on the show, not in real life) but suddenly I’m alerted to some new installments, post-war. Along with The Wire, I consider Foyle’s my favorite drama TV, ever. As if that matters.

We’re only a week away from a long-needed vacation. The biggest issue we face is getting a cargo carrier so the luggage can be hidden away and five people can ride in the bejeweled car. We’re splitting the trip in half both ways but only need room on the way up: both boys are staying up yonder for a few days before flying back. L. can have the entire car to herself on the jaunt home.

I’m sure there’s more but it all escapes me. I will give you a song by newest favorite band, Mumford and Sons.

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