Thursday, May 06, 2010

no girls allowed

And for something a little more light-hearted: this is a great entry on couch/house forts and on the grades for the quality of each.

We went to Eastern Market last Sunday, a last-minute diverge from the DuPont Farmers Market, and managed to feed kids, order a pearl necklace, and buy me a big, new (used) living room chair. With the four kids and two adults we couldn’t fit the chair n the car so we’ll be back down on Sunday morning to get both the pearls and the chair. The first thing that L. asked me was if she could have my corner of the couch. I bequeathed it to her but was sort of overridden by X and her dah-di-dah. Of course, X has a wholly self-created daybed/coach/snug off in another corner with her computer so I don’t think it’ll matter in the end.

And, to follow-up on a NYTimes piece about PowerPoint that made our rounds last week, and to which I agreed, know this: this is more my position on that program and I think Farhad is stealing from my brain. See my bit on clipart from whenever.

I just wrapped up my mid-terms for the quarter. Knife cuts...again. My fine julienne is exceptional.

Love to all


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