Thursday, May 20, 2010

that'll work

Build Blog has moved along to assessing the qualities of some cardboard forts. I love this stuff.

…“design paralysis”. Grade: F

L. is in Omaha; dropped her off at the security checkpoint at about 6am this morning. Strange to see her wander off unaccompanied. I may have been giving her too many details – as I do – particularly when I yelled “Gate 9!” to her as I walked away and she waved me off. Not a goodbye wave, an “off” wave.

X pointed out this morning that she’s concerned about the lettuce and the fennel. They may need to be switched in the garden plot. I was thinking the same thing.

I’ve added a new word to my list that I don’t want to hear in meetings anymore: efforts.

“During our previous efforts…”
“For this effort…”
“We are looking forward to other efforts…”

I’ll let you leave.

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