Wednesday, May 19, 2010

new script from ed wood

Another quick bit from X’s travels to the organic farm last weekend with her troop. As relayed to me, there happened a conversion that passed something like this between Farmer A and my doll:

X: “I’d love to take home some of your nettles.”

Farmer: “Why would you want nettles?”

X: “Well, you know, I love nettle soup.”

Farmer: (strange look)

X: (zips it)

Now, what happens as she telling me this story is a continuing narrative and stage directions about why she suddenly realized the farmer thought she was whack-a-doodle and that it was best, at that moment, to keep the depths of that maze under wraps. As she continues telling me what she really wanted to say, to further the exchange, this is what happened:

X: “What I really meant was watercress soup and I just got confused, sort of…”

Me: (staring blithely at her)

X: “The problem is that watercress soup really is quite common.”

Me: “Really?”

X: “Yes. They served it everyday in the Buttery whilst I was at Cambridge.”

Me: “Ah. Good thing you didn’t continue along your lines of defense for nettle soup while you were gabbing with Farmer Jason. I’m pretty sure your time spent studying Chinese poetry at Cambridge wouldn’t have added anything to his understanding of you.”

I swear.

All the kids will be out-and-about this weekend: L. to Omaha (Th-Su) and the boys to Wisconsin (Sa-Mo). We didn’t really plan it, merely the way of the world.


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