Tuesday, October 06, 2009

that's that

I had a long interview at the Art Institute of Washington D.C. this afternoon - long enough to get a parking ticket - and the deed is as good as done. Someone, somewhere has said that two years will pass whether or not I choose it to do so; I'll do my two years learning to cook and having much more fun than I do now. Well, it's learning to cook beyond the "my girlfriend likes my food" cooking. There's a focus on baking and pastry which is fine with me since that's easily my weakest area. I can roll into a B.A if need be after I'm done; as if I want to be so into the business side. I'm an artiste. I kid. I suspect, based on the crew of artists, designers, and chef wannabes, that I may be referred to as "Pops". I love the kids. The school is right on the Metro on this side of the Potomac and I can easily work part-time and attend classes with the GI Bill. At some point, if I tough it out for six months I might be able to quit the contractor work and become a barrista somewhere. Who in this world goes to school in order to make less money? I feel very European. In a perfect world I can highjack my 'brother-in-law', the grand Christian, and Bryce when it's all done. Four for success or four for drinking; either is fine.

The institute has four brand new kitchens with all the great stuff I want in a school. They also run a restaurant on the top floor that lets you wait, cook, manage and run the joint. I'm not much for wearing uniforms so we'll see how this works out.

If not now, when?



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