Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I guess the quiz last night reminded me I hadn't posted for awhile; we didn't do as well as last week but it was a bit harder. I figure we finished about 10th out of 45, or so, teams. Who's going to remember walk current day animal most resembles the extinct quagga?

For some reason on Sunday night X decided she wanted to watch a Clara Bow movie. I agreed and then asked "who is Clara Bow?" We ended up streaming The Plastic Age via Netflix (and our Roku). For those not in the know, and who is?, Clara was a silent-age film 'star' from the teens and '20s. The Plastic Age (name for who know what) isn't really a Clara Bow vehicle as far as I'm concerned - she just played the hotsy-totsy gal who nearly ruins - no, she does ruin - the grand college life of one Hugh Carver, Track Star. You know her type: big eyes, little pursed mouth and too much lipstick. The cool thing about silent movies is that you can sit at home and talk or make fun of various bits in the film without much worry. In fact, you could wander off if you wanted and come back with a cup of coffee and be well caught up. The silents remind me of opera; lots of stuff supposedly happening but it's mostly just either singing or people moving about the place.

There's rumor about the L. may come here to live around the Holidays and stay through her next semester of high school. I'll keep folks updated on progress which is slow but gathering steam.

The Capitals' season is off to a bit of an uneven start but Mr. Ovechkin came ready to play this season - 9 goals, 8 games, leading the league in scoring. What I realized - again - while watching him at Verizon last week was that I'm very lucky to be in a city, and at games, with a sublime talent like him playing. If you want to swing by I have two seats for half the games; you'll be hooked. If you're interested, here's AO scoring both goals in regulation and the only goal in the shootout for the win - he does this stuff EVERY night.

We've got a little concert on Friday night (Tarbox Ramblers) and Lost in Yonkers at the JCC on Saturday. Conveniently, the boys will be out of town for the weekend so we can do as we please. Reviews to follow on both.

Our weather held nice for the last two days but I have no expectations that the depths of autumn isn't upon us.

Love to all.


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