Saturday, October 03, 2009

get behind me, satan

An interesting day; I'll go backwards.

We did the Capitals home opener tonight at Verizon (a 6-4 win but really out-of-hand at 6-1 after two periods) and dinner at Rosa Mexicano. Maybe, at some point, X will relay all her "hockey arm candy" experiences - she says I can't, so there you go.

We went to the annual Crafty Bastards art fair in Adams Morgan (D.C.) this morning and her review of it was dead-on: with more people and heat. I'm more willing to dive into art fair crowds than she but it was a bit overbearing at times. We managed a lap through the goods and then headed out. As we exited onto 18th St. NW I noticed a sign on a post, one of those will the pre-cut pull tabs with the address and phone number, for someone selling all their plants due to an impending move West (S.F. as we found out). I hailed my gal - the plant 'thing' - and showed her the sign. It's only a block away and the plants on offer look quite nice so we wander over. You could not have shown me an apartment in the city that more perfectly matches my ideal. It was a narrowish one bedroom, one bath place across two small levels (the bedroom and bath being upstairs). The small back deck was totally set with growing bamboo shielding one side, lovely plants everywhere, and a longish view to the Washington Monument. A dining room table was at one end with the open living room and small kitchen as you moved back toward the door. Hardwood floors, dark colors everywhere...perfect. Of course, you couldn't put more than two in that layout so I began thinking of what to do with the boys. Considering it was in Adams Morgan, and within what I consider easy walking distance to DuPont Circle and various Metro stops, I was ready to move. We didn't end up with any plants but we had a nice conversation with the seller. As we left and walked down the tree-lined street I turned to X and told her that I'd found my place; she replied that it was because, like the current tenants, I have gay tendencies. Fine with me. Nice design, great plants, issues there. I'm still working a plan to move to the city. Actually, we sort of agreed to move in when the boys move out after high school. I can wait seven years...

After the art fair - and plant mission - I swung by one of the few quality records shops left in the U.S.: Melody Records at DuPont Circle. I have to run in and grab the new Avett Brothers and Brother Ali; I'm not sure you could mix-and-match two more different artists.

She's had her bath, it's late, and I'm on waffle, apple compote, and coffee duty in the AM.

Hey to all.


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