Monday, August 10, 2009

re-foiled, again

Canada. Our week in Quebec was excellent but I think everyone, based upon my own study, has suddenly found themselves back in their offices or cubicles stunned by normalcy. My early portion of this week will include having two fillings redone tomorrow and a concert tomorrow night at the Birchmere; those two are clearly differing poles on a very long stick. I suspect the remainder of this first week back will be filled with catching up around the house, finding my cat (who’s not put in an appearance since our return), and getting back into the workday groove.

All three children were installed on a Midwest Express flight back to Omaha last night so the house is once again stunningly quiet and mostly clean. The boys come back in a few weeks but turn around immediately for a trip to WMass and will be gone for another week. The four of us will then drive to Ohio over the long Labor Day weekend before the schools in NoVa fire up the classrooms and torture kids with maths and literature.

Our place outside of Magog, QC (and within viewing distance of Lake Memphremagog) was plenty of strange house for everyone. We had five bedrooms over three floors, a big kitchen (with only two burners on the stove working), a great room with a beautiful fireplace (actually used twice in the evenings), no internet, a lovely pool in the estate, and neighbors that decided upon 4am for an absolute scream-fest fight on their back porch. Being that this community has large homes with loads of space and trees between the high-end properties it was surprising that I could hear the set-to so clearly on that Sunday morning. Of course, they were yelling in French so I’m not exactly sure what they were saying but I have some good guesses based on the staccato delivery.

A quick summary would give the following details: sailing, horseback riding, swimming, eating, a one-day trip to Montreal (me and L.), wall climbing, shopping, strolling, crosswords, *Pitch Penny©, learning or reacquainting ourselves with French, lazing about, reading, coffee, and sunshine. (I must point out that up yonder in Canada the days might get to 80º on a bad day but mostly hover in the mid-70s. On our first full day back in the swamp yesterday the temperature was mid-90s and it’s pushing 100º today.)

I would put forth the highlight for some as being the two sailing outings on the lake. They’d been looking and hoping for sailing over the last few years in Stowe but never managed to get a solid opportunity. This year the rubric was solved and they got out for two sails on a small three-person boat; the first with L. the second with G. From what I gathered – as if I’d get on a sailboat after some stories I’d heard – they were first given a refresher by a young French Canadian boy who gave them a grade of C+ before literally diving from the boat and swimming to shore. Nothing says confidence more than a horribly average grade given by a fleeing, teenaged instructor.

I’ve got a few other follow-ups but they’ll have to wait.


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