Friday, August 14, 2009

i like pie

With all the yelling, screaming, analyzing, polls, and tears flying about during the healthcare debate and town halls, I’d like to present the only truly accurate chart that exists – trust this one. (courtesy of

Laurel is back to school full time as of today. She had two half-days of orientation for high school, reports she didn’t get lost in the halls yesterday, and kicked off classes today. I’ve put her on assignment to report her class schedule and first impressions.

Something that I didn’t pass along from a few months ago was a little reuniting I had with Reagan’s attempted assassination in 1981. I remember it well because I heard about it while I was in accounting class (they announced it over the school "sound system") and the memory was jogged by something in the local press about John Hinckley and the hospital he’s committed to here in D.C. Then I began to wonder which Hilton Hotel was the scene of the crime – there’s one across the street from X’s office and another up on Florida Ave NW. What really shocked me when I starting looking around was just how lax security was just 30-years ago: Reagan was giving a speech to the AFL-CIO and was exiting the building afterwards when Hinckley shot him. When you drive by the hotel you can see the door he exited, and if you sort of marry it up with this photo, you can see that the cordon area and security near his exit seems pretty light. I’d imagine that since this event the Secret Service probably locks down the entire block and doesn’t allow people nearly this close to the President. The photo gives a sense that people were just hanging around the rope in the background and the area was mostly unsecured. Of course, I could be wrong.

I think it’s just about the weekend. Cats are no doubt sleeping and I have pizza to make tonight. Stop on over.


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