Wednesday, August 26, 2009

game recipe. maybe you can score with her.

Here’s an ad from the local craigslist that I came upon when looking for tickets to a theatre (I think my search of “mammoth” brought this to my screen):

I have a horde 80 hunter and 80 death knight on the same server in world of warcraft. im looking to sell them.

+The hunters+ wearing half tier 7.5 and 2 tier 8.5 pieces all epicd. hes a male troll epic flyer also a mammoth hes pretty dam geared

+the death knights+ got 2 tier 8 almost enough emblems for another tier 8 piece full epicd as well and tier 7.5, no epic flyer on this toon but lots of quests undone for a lot of money. hes undead male hes also got epicd out tank set good enough to tank uld 10. 30k health unbuffed

I have no idea what’s going on with this any of this stuff. I know it’s a video game (?) of sorts but do people really sell this stuff to each other? These 80 hunter and 80 death knight – I can’t tell if it’s 80 of each for sale of they have some rank of 80 and are individuals – are going for $300. Of course, they are ‘epicd’.

About a year ago I read a article on internet optical shops. I’ve kept the sites bookmarked and am finally ready to give them it go. Of course, it makes perfect sense to order on-line and save loads of money. Being that you aren’t paying for the brick-and-mortar shop, the assistants, the other assistants, the inventory of lenses and frames, you’ll be saving tons. The frames I have now are the perfect width and height so I can just measure them with a handy-dandy ruler and then shop on-line for what looks similar, compare the measurements, and complete the order form. I have all the prescription data, I can speak with them either on-line or on the phone, and then I get the specs in the mail for $50-$100 instead of the standard $300-$400. If all goes pear-shaped then I’m out all of $75; I’ll happily bet $75 to save $250, or so. I’ll pass along results.

I’m going to pass along a quick recipe that I got from Nigella’s appearance on NPR over the weekend. Maybe it’s not really a recipe as much as a thing. Equal parts of raspberries and sugar put in separate oven-proof dishes and run for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. Remove from oven and pour the berries into the sugar bowl for a molten experience that results in an excellent syrup and/or thinnish jam. We had it over pancakes last weekend and the remaining stored for toast. After it’s been in the fridge it will gel up some but still remains a bit saucy and messy. We think you could even cut back on the sugar to give it a bit more body. I did 3 cups of raspberries to about 2-2 ½ cups of sugar; I think 3-to-2 might give the best result.


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