Sunday, August 09, 2009

can't you hear me?

I should return with a story less grievous but I must get this one in first and foremost. We flew into BWI Saturday night and drove across the great shakes of Maryland, D.C., and NoVa en route to our beloved home. The issue at hand was the 8p hour and our need for food since my cafe was vacated when we departed eight days ago. We decided to swing through Rosslyn from 110 and grab a roasted chicken at the Whole Foods in Clarendon. What you need to know is that there's some crap local TV station with visions of grandeur - one that has an HQ in Rosslyn - and sports a smallish 'Times Square"-like big screen on the corner of Wilson Blvd. I suspect they were broadcasting some prime time news magazine during the few moments we were sitting at the traffic light, and as we sat, G. looks up at the screen and says, "Hey, why are they showing that guy's dick?" To which his mother appropriately responds with, "G! WHAT did you just say?" You know what's coming, right? A small child playing the American tourist who assumes his volume, and not his language, is the problem, "Why are they showing a picture of that guy's DICK!" It took every bone and muscle in my body to not fall out of the car from laughter. (I'm laughing aloud as I type.) I think the next block was filled with some talk of inappropriate vocabulary, threats, and phrases that included something about not yelling that word. I, of course, immediately came to the conclusion that if G. had called some other kid an asshole, and his mother asked him what he said, he'd just repeat the work ASSHOLE as loud as needed to be heard. Kids are hilarity.

Vacation updates to follow.

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