Tuesday, February 10, 2009

warning: grumpy bears

I want to make sure I’m not crazy. As with most office pool environments – cubicles, bad light, crappy equipment – my office has shared LAN printers. There’s only one in our laboratory and it had a signed posted above it that decried:


A few weeks ago I tore it down and threw it away. There were many more reasons for me to do this – acting out, frustration, hatred – but I only want to focus on the crazy person who posted the sign. The idea that this little rubric would be posted at the printer is laughable. What? I’m going to walk to the printer after spooling my job and then say to myself, “Screw that! I’m not picking up my printout!” I’d think that posting one of these little signs on my monitor might be more useful. It’s kind of like a warning sign that isn’t actually a warning sign but a sign placed at the actual point of danger. Maybe instead of having a construction warning that alerts me to a lane ending in 1500 feet they could have just a single sign that reads “Road Ends Here”.

Needless to say, a new sign was immediately posted after my little fit.

They don’t get me.

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