Thursday, February 19, 2009

mr. 8, to you

I'll get this up quick so it can serve as first breakfasts. This is from last night's Capitals v. Canadiens game at Verizon. It developed so quickly that in real time it was nearly impossible to believe. The place went bonkers the more and more we saw the replay. The quick background: Ovechkin is coming of the bench that's on the far side of the rink (the left on your screen) on a line change. The Canadien defenseman is bringing the puck out of his own zone when one of two things cross his mind and/or peripheral vision: "I need to get rid of the puck and get back on defense or the Great 8 is going to embarrass me", or "I need to get rid of the puck and stop skating in a straight line or Ovechkin is going to steamroll me into the boards." I don't know if he decided which of the two was the better option but you can watch the result as many times as you'd like.

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