Thursday, February 12, 2009


There was a thread on the WaPo’s Washington Capitals blog yesterday that had me laughing aloud at the desk. As with all crazy sports fans, Caps fans always want more – the team was so bad for so long that it’s success over the last year-and-a-half leads to endless discussions of trades and desires toward other players. Most Caps followers think the team needs a big forward to push some folks around near the goal and play the role of enforcer on the ice. One name that’s been inked onto someone’s wish list is big George Parros (6’5” / 240) who currently hangs his jersey in the Anaheim Ducks’ locker room. Parros played four years of hockey at Princeton University and that background led to this blog input:

“I would love Parros on this team! A Princeton grad turned enforcer! It would be awesome to hear a detailed explanation about why he had to kick some tail! "It was an egregious offense that could not be brushed off so easily. I dismissed one transgression, but upon seeing the second, I deemed a round of bloodletting in order."

This one-act play dialogue was continued by another fan:

"Accordingly, I removed my excess equipment, namely the gauntlets and helmet, and set to upon the vile offender, whom, I am certain, has learned his lesson and shall not commit that particular offense again. Should he do so, I will stand ready to pummel him once more into submission!"

They were killing me yesterday. The Caps fell in a shootout to the NY Rangers at Madison Square Garden. It happens. They have two games down in Florida this weekend. Get back on the bike.

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