Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the sounds

More music as I return to the fold.

There's little greater in this world than a great four piece. You might think that the Beatles would top my list but it's merely a fool's bet; I've never cared much for the Liverpudlians. There are about three songs that I really love but I could do without the rest. Don't get me wrong; don't fire off angry emails: I fully accept the talent but it's not my thing. (It's sort of like the Eagles. I guess they're really good but I only like Take It Easy.) Sorry, I digress. The greatest four-piece band of all time is the mighty Slobberbone and one of the newest and greatest rollers are Gaslight Anthem. Are they the most talented dudes in the world? Nope. Would you love to stand around on the bouncing floor with a beer in your hand just smiling like an ass and...well, bouncing? Yep. In our year-end music review they got a lot of love, and deservedly so. Here's the link to the video I really want you to watch. Unfortunately, I can't embed it here. If you want an embedded version with sound that's not quite as good, here you go:

You might ask how you can tell the great ones? First and foremost, you need a guy who's geeking on the bass. Take special note in the Letterman video of just geekin' the bass player is off to the right; that's quality.

Long live rock n' roll, baby.

p.s. There's no such animal as a good Slobberbone video, and that's truly sad; I'll get to Brent Best and his talent later this week. But, don't despair, here are the Eagles kicking out some Take It Easy from 1973. I'm heading out to porn up the 'stache. Blaze up, baby, and turn it up loud.

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