Saturday, March 27, 2010

socialist schools

L. and H. were off this morning to school - on a Saturday!, that damn Obama - to make up the final time from the missed educating during our two-fer blizzard this winter. The school made up a good bit of the time by extending the school days over the last five weeks and this is the final surge. I find it ironic (is that right?) that a private school is making sure to get the days of education in but the public schools, who fall under the 169-day rule (or whatever number of days it is), are filing requests to not have to finish the required number of class days. The above is L before heading out for her final Zoology exhibition to finish her quarter today. Most of the classes at the school, particularly the high school, required students to present their research and answer questions from other students, teachers, and occasionally, outside experts and parents. Each student does about 20-25 minutes and is expected to present their position and then defended their research. It's not so much a debate as it is a chance for the teacher to see that the student understands their chosen problem, done the legwork, understands the process, and has used critical thinking to present and explain the position. It's quite a process and today is the second day of scheduled exhibitions throughout the school. Her other presentation of sorts, in German culture was on The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the Younger.

We set upon the back porch and the screening in of about 2/3s of it this morning. Corey is doing the design and actual man-work and I'm doing the painting of the structure. I'm taking some photos as we progress and the barn should be raised and done by sunset tomorrow. It'll be very nice to able to use the porch through the spring, summer and early fall without getting savaged by mosquitos. Feel free to stop by in your seersucker suits and have some mint juleps.


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