Wednesday, March 24, 2010

get off my lawn!

I love a good egg salad with mustard on toasted rye. I realized when I ordered this at the deli for lunch that I sound like a crazy, old man, “I want my egg salad on toast! Rye toast! Don’t try to slip any of that frenchy yellow mustard on it, either.” (hitching up my suspenders.)

I have one more written test for class tomorrow and then I’m off for about a week-and-half before the next quarter. The big timeline says only one more quarter before I get my early summer vacation up in Stowe, and that can’t come soon enough.

I, for no good reason, started a debate on Facebook (what am I? 14?) about the healthcare bill with some friends – mostly from my military days. Being that the military is more conservative than a lot of areas – though my field was less so – it’s like debating any other crazies. I get it; I understand that probably half the population didn’t want this bill (or didn’t think they wanted it), but elections do mean something, voting means something, and a majority means something. Honest debate was, and is, very hard to come by and I’ve made loads of efforts to read and follow some of their talking points but they aren’t talking points – they’re yelling points. They aren’t true, they come from nowhere, and they mean nothing. There’s little compromise when half the players refuse to listen or move. So be it. I’m ready to move along to the next issue without them. I will say this, and it’s based on what I said a few weeks ago, by the time the elections come up in November we will end up with more Democrats in Congress than we have now. This has been a fatal move by the Republicans, they just don’t see it yet.

I have the Caps v. Pens at Verizon tonight so along with my decompressing from the Sunday vote and worries put forth about socialism, and whatnot, I get a great rivalry.

More later


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