Monday, December 01, 2008

the road

During our stroll through Portland on Friday we ended up in a two-level, downtown storefront that served as home to five different businesses: a tattoo shop, a comic shop, CD store, video rental, and gelateria. With all those under one roof I have little need to go anywhere else. I spent time in a real, live CD store for the first time in ages and was dreaming about how much I missed actual interaction with CDs and people in real-life shops. I picked up the new Todd Snider, Sigur Ros, and Rose Hill Drive: folk, pop-tronica, and jam music, respectively. Check, check, and check.

Our drive back went well – to Middleton, NY on Saturday and to Falls Church yesterday. The only traffic issues we had over the weekend came up yesterday. The first was an “incident” along I-81 east of Harrisburg, PA that had our flow backed up for about five miles (and the eastbound joining I-78 from Allentown backed up another six miles). X pulled out her handy BlackBerry and we managed to hop off I-81 and backtrack on I-78 a few miles to SR-22 and then run east to Harrisburg. (I’m only adding in the mappy stuff for those that love to trace my life on google maps.) The last bit of fun was the I-95 to I-495 beltway merge northeast of D.C. A couple of renegades had collided whilst changing lanes and pissed off every holiday traveler. Regardless, we made it home in a respectable amount of time and were able to relax for three or four hours before bed.

The cats tried to play hard to get when we walked in the house but only managed to keep up the disgust long enough for the fire to be lit.

We all yanked ourselves out of warm beds this morning and headed off in the cold rain for work and school. I sense a good laundry and an early evening as darkness falls today.


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