Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my cupp runneth...

I watched last Friday’s Real Time last night on the DVR, and listening to SE Cupp was such a perfect moment of hearing the call of ignorance in its natural habitat. Her attempt to put forth a position on civil rights and gun ownership was so pathetic that I had to sit down and tap some keys. Even with someone (Michael Moore, in this case) sitting right next to her saying, “You can have all the guns you want, we just want background checks,” she was still too shallow in the thinking pool to realize her diatribe on her second amendment rights was pathetic. Her position, and I’ll paraphrase here, is that “us law-abiding citizens who want to buy guns should not have to wait – even a second – for a background check to be completed. We are law-abiding citizens. That is violating my rights.” (They like to repeat that law-abiding bullshit quite often.)

Let’s breakdown the gun owner talking points that Cupp parrots so wonderfully. First, it’s clear she supports the idea the guns aren’t the problem; our mental health system is the problem. Second, if we could only have a list of those “mentally ill” people, and the rights that we will suspend, then we could fix the problem. (We don’t need to get into the issue of mental health right now; nor do the sudden mental health supporters ever offer any answers to myriad issues with this pipe dream.)

Hopefully Ms. Cupp can follow along – I’ll go very slowly. Imagine we have shaken fairy dust over all Americans and now have lists of those we don’t want to have guns – or as Ms. Cupp might put forth in private: blacks and swarthy fuckers, but not mental problems because she can’t identify them with her eyes. We have a list of felons who can’t own guns (she’d agree with this), another list of those on the terrorist watchlist (she’d wrinkle her nose and say “that’s great!”), and the mentally ill. So, Ms. Cupp walks into Joe’s Guns and Crepes, strolls over to the counter and says, “I need a .38 immediately.” Her position, funny enough, is that in her head, and correctly I’m guessing, she’s a “law abiding citizen,” so therefore everyone must also know what is in SE’s head. I’m the gunshop owner and I’m supposed to do what? In her world what I’d do is this: look at this pretty white woman wrinkling her nose. Clearly she’s not a criminal, crazy, or a terrorist. That is how Cupp sees the world – do not interfere with the white folk. How about his: a 25 year-old black man walks into a gunshop, let’s say he’s a student at Howard U. here in D.C., and he wants to buy a gun because he lives in a neighborhood that leads him to believe a gun is necessary. He says to me “I need a .38 immediately.” In Cupp’s lonely mind it would be perfectly fine for me to run a background check on him because he’s black. How exactly does she think we can apply the fantasy mental health list to gun purchasers if we can’t actually use the list…for everyone. Does she think there is special training we will provide to gun shop owners? Does she think that by saying, “I need a gun,” we’ve passed along information that is the universal signal for “I’m a law-abiding citizen”? Her position is so untenable there’s no way she could even see through the bullshit she’s spouting.

And, one last thing Ms. Cupp: your declaration that you’ve been “living this” with guns for a decade is comical. Living it? What exactly is living it? Owning a gun?

Well, at least she’s pretty.

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