Tuesday, May 07, 2013

have you got a penny?

A few weeks ago, while driving about town, H asked X why we eat like peasants if she and I make ‘so much’ money. Peasants? Have you eaten at my house? Regardless, I think the question was driven by the fact that I do soup and bread once a week – usually it’s a heavier soup with some veg, beans, potatoes, served with the mandatory massive hunk of bread. I like soup; I have an awesome soup tureen and ladle. H likes soup primarily because as a teenager he can put it in his mouth. Apparently, the discussion evolved into jesting about using potatoes for food, and how it must be the only food if we are eating like peasants. What if the King shows up and requires his payment from the peoples? Since we only have potatoes (see how this is coming around?), we must have to save at least one potato to pay our tax. The great tax potato: “Oh no, we’ve eaten the tax potato!” When the two knuckleheads got home and relayed this monkey-chatter story to L, the entire house broke out into the snark you’ve come to expect from this crew: the great Tax Potato Laff Fest of 2013. You should have to live in my shoes.

I did my last Open House at the New School over the weekend – they have four or five a year where potential students and their parents visit for a look about the place. I’ve always enjoyed taking families around and giving them a tour of the classrooms and introducing them to the teachers. As has been put out there over the years, I don’t think I could create a place better than the New School. It’s not perfect, but it’s close. L’s time there has been wonderful – even though stress in high school is unavoidable – and I don’t know that she’d be where she is without the school. I’ll miss it when she finishes.

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