Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Our A/C has died. It's only about 95 today. How did Laura Ingalls survive? Fortunately, we are heading to cooler climes this weekend and then there are plans to have the HVAC / AC / Furnace redone (it's an all-in-one thing). We were warned on the age of the unit so this isn't a surprise, but we'd hoped to get through at least a full year. Updates as things cool off.

I stopped at the sandwich shop on the way home because after running the oven/stove the last two evenings I've decided that we can do three days of food created with no heat by me. As I was waiting for my sandwiches another family came in, 2-plus-3, to order ice cream. As as aside, this place makes their own ice cream and the entire joint is a complete flashback to Goodrich Dairy in Omaha. Anyway, they walk up to the counter to order and Mr. Man says, "Do you have a list of ice cream flavors?" Teen boy manning the cash very instructively points to all the signs that have been hand-drawn and reflect each type of ice cream - about 20 flavors. "Oh, I see," the gentleman says. Now I'm wondering how this will end. As his three kids (ages 4-8) are standing there he then drops this bomb on order guy, "What flavors do the kids like?" What? What flavors do the the kids like? How would dude at shop know what your kids like? It's not even a fair question. Listen buddy, you've got vanilla, chocolate, fruit flavored, cookie stuff, mixes, coffee flavored, mint flavored, etc. This isn't like asking a waiter "What's good?" on a menu - we are adults and know our own tastes. "Hey, what flavor do you think my 7 year-old would like?" Gee, I don't know. And if you ask me that question again you're barred from this store. As Pops finally orders the three cones he pointed to each kid as he order, "Chocolate for this one {point}. Strawberry for this one {point}, and cookies n' cream for {point} her." Thanks JP Sousa. Why don't you hold the pointing and I'll just hand you some finished cones.

About midnight last night we heard the telltale sounds of cat prepping to puke. If you have pets you know the sound. Pumpkin on on full heave at the foot of the bed and X tries to literally kick him through the wall in time to avoid damage. Not accomplished. What we did get was some on the bed and some on the floor. X then picked up Pumpkin, who was done, and threw him outside. The look on his face was priceless - why am I being thrown outside now, I'm done. What this did get me thinking about was how hilarious it would be if people were the same as pets, who simply puke where they stand/lie (not counting drunks.) You're at work, mid-conversation, and you start heaving a bit, "Hold on conference call, just a second..." Blahhhhh, all over the place. Step one foot to the side and continue. Animals have it made, you never see them running for the toilet, "I'm fine, I'll just chuck right here. Really, no problem..."

I think I've revealed too much.

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