Sunday, July 22, 2012

at least he had a dessert

Last night we all headed into D.C. to see the re-staging of Beertown (from last year's Fringe Festival), an award-nominated, interactive play about a fictional town and its 20th Quinquinnial, in which they open the town's time caspsule and debate additions and subtractions. It's a noble attempt at bringing political discussions to the fore in a comedic form, and the audience is fully participatory in the entire show, but the second act when we freely - and improvisationally - debate the merits of various items before voting tended to drag out far too long. It was primarily due to the repetitive nature of the debate and voting. Overall, not bad, but nothing that had me thinking too much in end. Unlike The Normal Heart from a few weeks back...great show.

More importantly, we grabbed dinner, pre-show, at Cafe Assorti in Rosslyn/Courthouse. X had suggested it earlier in the week and we enjoyed it enough to head back last night. It's a fully Russian menu joint filled with wrapped beef, cabbage, and potatoes. Between the six entrees we've had over two visits they haven't misfired yet; whoever is cooking knows from cooking. As if that tweren't enough, the desserts are unbelievable. I'd been thinking hard about giving a Napoleon a shot in my kitchen for a few months but never managed the gumption. After last night there's no need to try: I had the dessert at Assorti and it was the best dessert I've ever had, nipping out some stellar carrot cake from my past. Absolutely absolutely. The boys both had individual strawberry/yoghurt cake-lets that also managed to disappear with great haste. Napoleon and coffee. Tops.

Last week before vacation.

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