Tuesday, May 15, 2012

About a month ago we bought an electric mower at Sears. "Big Jake", who'd survived three summers for a total cost of $15, was put out to pasture. Well, sort of. I'm thinking of pulling off the engine and making a go-kart. Seriously. Maybe I can go online and do some research and figure out a way to make some screaming rig that the boys can ride up and down Arthur Dr. Or, better yet, I can get Buzz to bring his lazy butt up to D.C. and build it for me. I think he understands two-stroke motors.

The electric mower is awesome. I know that the drawback in your mind is the cord situation, but rest easy, gentle reader. Once you have a pattern it's a piece of cake. That thing weighs about 10 lbs. and rolls over everything just fine. If your looking, and your yard doesn't need more than 75ft. of cord required, I highly recommend an electric.

I want to take a minute to throw out a call to my old pal, Bryce. He's in Omaha working as a chef, or charcuterist or sausage boy, and is up and (almost) running in Dundee with The French Bulldog. The man is living the dream - here's a quick Omaha pub with a little Q&A. I'm ecstatic to see him working in the industry and busting (bustin'?) heads. Doesn't seem a nearly a decade ago that we wandered off into our own worlds. The best to Bryce.

We did L's. 16th about a week ago: dinner cooked at home and an orange chocolate cake. I'm taking her to see Brian Regan on Saturday night in D.C. I've also got Justin Earle coming up on Friday night down in Alexandria. I know, I know....but seriously. Check out his solo live performance from his new album. See what I mean?

And, as a final musical prop, RIP to Donald "Duck" Dunn. The driving thump of Stax Records. Get that bass up!

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