Thursday, June 02, 2011

haircut 100

There was an interesting review of the new Steve Earle CD on MusicHeads this week. The actual musical review isn’t so important, as is something David Campbell pointed out when thinking/hoping about your favorite artists: you always want each offering to match the high point of their career and how it tied into your life. Unfortunately, it never lasts. In Earle’s case, he’s had three different musical careers: before incarceration, after incarceration (but prior to 2004), and the current run. For me, his post incarceration albums (I Feel Alright, El Corazon, The Mountain, Transcendental Blues, and Jerusalem) were the best run of his career. Since 2004, there’s some stuff I like, some I don’t. Same with Lucinda Williams; she had a brilliant run (Car Wheels, Essence, World Without Tears), but her last three have done little for me. Springsteen up to 1980. The (first four) Slobberbone albums. Yet, I keep hitting the lever expecting some return to the magic that first got me hooked. It never happens. We’d be better if we could let go of the artists and keep the time, or that part of our life, intact. Maybe I should simply pare down all the great stuff from each artist into one playlist and let the remainder slip away.

Speaking of slipping away, one of my two barbers has moved on to a shop he’s opening in Annapolis. Too far for my blood, but it was a good five-year run. I at least have one left at the old shop so all’s not lost. I hate losing barbers. (Have you seen my hair? Not everyone can make me looks this good.) If you live in Annapolis, his new place will be called Capistrano and it’s apparently right downtown.

I just came across this:

This is the best the USDA can do? I’m glad that what they’ve decided as their campaign is a plate that signifies kids should keep all their food separate and compartmentalized. And, the milk goes in a cup. Honestly, I don’t know what campaign would work, so maybe I should zip it, but we’ve decided that eating colors is the only real answer. If it’s colorful, eat it. If not, stay away. The do win with the last of the seven bullet points: drink water.

We are on the road for part of one more weekend. We’ll be down in Richmond on Sunday, and overnight until Monday, for an event. I think we’re staying in a nice hotel – I’ll try to act civilized. I may be forced to have pizza prepped for the heathens before we leave on Sunday morning. I think they can manage heating and eating.

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