Wednesday, June 01, 2011

going up

It seems like we get more than our share of teeter-totter events around this area. Maybe it’s the Beltway and the politics that bring out the disobedience in the youth, maybe not. Over the weekend we had our second round of silent dancers doing a memorial (I think the last occurrence was a few years back at the Lincoln Memorial). I’m mixed on the idea: silent dancing vs. interfering with others? The debate seems to be multi-faceted in that it’s hard to sort out whether the issue with police is really about protest, or a lack of a permit to protest. Maybe those are the same thing. I guess that if you’re silent, and not blocking or inhibiting anything, you shouldn’t need a permit. You can read the two posts at (here and here). If push came to shove, I have no problem with silent dancing. If I were doing a tango or a waltz, that’d be okay, wouldn’t it?

One more thing for everyone to discuss. I have major issues with our slow and crappy elevators at school. Primarily: people who get on at floor 6, push the button for 7, and we already have 8 and 9 activated. Dude, fucking walk. Go to 8 and walk down a flight of stairs. That way you won’t even have to walk up the flight of stairs you should have walked up before pissing me off. Or, 8 of us get on at the ground floor and the first three floors selected are 6, 8, and 9. Some dude getting in with us hits 7 – and I punch him in the face. This doesn’t matter, does it? Of course, I work on the 12th floor so stopping at every, single floor is beyond painful.

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