Thursday, April 07, 2011

moth effect

For this first portion, The Moth, I’ll give you a very stern warning in a minute or so. I came to the The Moth a few weeks ago after a recommendation from radio. The process of storytelling is something I care quite a bit about. I love listening to those that can tell a tale, especially about real life, that puts you right in the midst of what’s happening in people’s lives. They post each week, maintaining five at any given moment, for free at iTunes. The majority of them are funny and quirky, but the story by Anthony Griffith, which is still up, is absolutely stunning. I’d say listen to the other four that are up right now, and enjoy nice 15-minute breaks in your day. As for Griffith’s, be warned that it is extremely emotional. You might want to be alone; I was walking home from the bus station and trying to not fall down from pain. Great stuff, all around.

Moving along.

I’ve been assigned as ‘front of house’ for the first half of my quarter in the school restaurant. I’ll be dolled up and ready to take orders, serve from the right, and try not to mess up who gets what dish.

I’m thinking of gnocchi for tonight. Kids and potatoes.

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