Tuesday, February 08, 2011

why thank you, sir!

Okay, this is mostly a crazy, old man entry. X has heard this position on multiple occasions but I doubt that I’ve graced your screens with my inanity. (I was going to say insanity but chose to dropped a letter.)

I hold a few interwoven ideas on handicapped-accessible doors; you know, the ones that are equipped with push panels that open lobby doors or sets of doors. My first weave, and it isn’t due to any mechanical skills or knowledge on my part, is that all the wires, buttons, and circuits have a limited life. Maybe there are 10,000 pushes in it before it malfunctions. I know, it’s not important, really. My second strand is wondering about how lazy we are – those of us that aren’t handicapped – that we feel the need to use the push plate in the first place. Opening a door is too much work? Just this morning there was someone entering the building about 20 paces in front of me (not handicapped, I know him or her) who hit the plate to open the outer door, waited for it to open, walked through, and hit the plate for the inner door…which didn’t work. He actually walked back from the door, hit it again, and again, before realizing that he’d have to use his hands to enter the dojo. I found it comical and disconcerting. Reminds me of this…forward to the 3:00 mark and enjoy a three or four minutes.

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