Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The only things I really believe about people – here, now, and gone – is this: you leave behind your best and then hope it was good enough. I also believe that what you do in your life is reflected upon you every single day. Craig Minowa put forth the idea we put energy out into the World, good or bad, and that energy never dissipates. It’s there, always. I don’t know what to call my dreams.

A very good man is dying from pancreatic cancer this week. We worked together for nearly 20 years in the Air Force and he was, by far, one of the most interesting, positive, and loved of the hundreds I encountered. Amongst my career’s worth of comrades, the outpouring of hope and memories has been emotionally draining. We probably all imagined that he’d be around forever – showing up to work in our various cities and getting together for dinner. No one imagined that short of a 44th birthday he’d be gone. He fought so hard but it was a battle he couldn’t overcome.

To John, my friend, peace and love.


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