Monday, January 31, 2011

shoppers' delight

We wandered beyond the Beltway on Saturday. The original plan called for a quick trip to a salon to pick-up some potions and elixirs and turned into some all day march that ended up including Target, Nordstrom Rack, and Wegmans . Wegmans was the most interesting layover of the day. I’d never been but the Easterners who call Wegmans ‘home’ swear it’s the greatest grocery store in the World. My initial response is this: it’s not. It is a very good store but a lot of the hubbub centers on the massive (a third of the store) food hall that has some great looking grab-and-go meals. They have an interesting gardening section that enthralled X. The grocery portion was pretty good with solid prices. But, as far a pure product is concerned, it can’t compare with Central Market (in Texas), Byerly’s (in The Cities), Waitrose (in England). I’d even say that the original Wild Oats (prior to the Whole Foods merger) was better on the ingredient hierarchy for me. Not that we didn’t enjoy the visit but I wouldn’t drive that far just to hit Wegmans.

Everyone came to the The Hilltop last night for an extended (food) pizza night. Corey brought borscht and dessert (cr̬me brulee) and X made a great endive salad so we all ended up eating way too much. Not that anyone was really complaining. He also brought over the finished, handmade, table that runs behind our couch. Very, very nice. I pointed out that any attempt by me to make a table would not turn out even looking like a table РI have no skills.

L. made it back from Omaha yesterday and one boy has been sent off to England for the week. We had about two days sans children. Dare to dream.

More weather hitting over the next few days.

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