Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the return

Alrighty then.

The few weeks after the Holidays is always a sort of mash-up of not caring much about day-to-day events since the ‘big push’ is over and, trying to simply settle in for the long(er), dark(er) reach of winter. All’s well on The Hilltop, it’s just slow……

X is in the midst of her Barbri review course (M-F nights, 6-10pm) for her Virginia Bar Exam next month and I’m back in school (Tu-Th nights, 6-9:30pm) so time seems to be flying by with only the occasional holler from some teenager claiming to be both hungry and apparently unable to make toast. You know how they are.

My New Year’s resolutions are myriad but the basic tenor is not to be online in the evenings: Consider it a combo of doing more interesting stuff. X has been chuckling at my newly found reading time. By the way, I just finished Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes and it was spectacular. It’s a Vietnam War novel that probably isn’t up just about anyone’s alley that would be reading this blog, but if you can handle it then dig in.

The kids are no doubt sitting around the house today – snow/ice day school cancellation – making food and mopping the floors.

I’ll gather my thoughts and update everyone some more tomorrow.

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