Wednesday, December 15, 2010

todd mile zone

I cranked up the iPhone this morning to check on the current weather – cold – and was greeted by a full-screen picture of Kim Kardashian in a bikini. You might ask…

We were reading last night; I, The Disappearing Spoon, X, some fashion mag, and she suddenly said, “Who are the Kardashians?” As if. I quickly let her know there was dad (attorney, deceased), mom (I know nothing about her), step-dad (Bruce Jenner), Khloe (married to Lamar Odom), Kim (dates athletes), and Kourtney (no idea). I also passed along that they are famous in a Paris Hilton way but without as much money, and that Kim is primarily famous for her ass. She was a little confused so I pulled up some Kim/Ass shots on the iPhone to give her a sample. That was the last thing before I clicked it to sleep. There’s your explanation. I’m not sure if this makes me look better or worse.

I baked some potato/wheat bread last night – came out so-so – and suddenly decided that I want to have a home proofing box for baking. If pushed, I’d say that about 100% of people who start baking seriously at home immediately think they need a proof box. What I’ve found – and I’m not way serious yet – is that most people simply jury rig their own contraption of sorts with plastic and pans of water. As with any hobby, once you get started you suddenly realize you need a million high- (or low-) tech items.

I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution (or a list) but am contemplating giving the oft-maligned process a go. I think refining it to something functional and doable might make all the difference.

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