Thursday, April 29, 2010

what a grade

This piece at is brilliant stuff. Brilliant. And so very true – even if my own hand-drawn maps can be utter farces. This is the type of story idea and writing that makes me smile.

Yes, (or should it be “No,”) I don’t want to talk about the Capitals.

If you don’t know about it, because you don’t have kids in school and you can’t even fathom the thought of have kids around who are in school, you can follow your progeny’s progress and grades online these days. PowerSchool is the main supplier to schools and you get a login for your kid and checking up is easy enough. I look at L’s everyday so make sure she’s not missing assignments or doing poorly in certainly classes; consider it more prevention of a slide into oblivion. That’s a short story made long. I do want to pass along that she is getting a 100% in Ultimate Frisbee this quarter.

I haven’t pass this along to X yet, though this might be notification when she reads it, but I plan on doing nothing on Sunday aside from one or more of the following: museums, lunch out, a film, a play, a nap. She can have her choice. I’m willing to make a good run at stuff on Saturday but we haven’t taken a weekend day off for what seems like months.

School is going well this quarter and I’ve finally moved along from making sure everything gets cooked properly within our time lines to figuring out plating and presentation. In my kitchen, presentation is something akin to “here’s your food.” Now that I’m comfortable enough in my thinking that I’m not a totally gimp cook – and I really wasn’t to begin with but reassurances help – I have a little more foresight on how I’ll plate something and get $19.95 out of you for Crepes de leche de dulce; tip not included.

Our final pieces of the garden have arrived and the tomatoes (and peppers?) will be in the ground this week. I look at the vegetable garden this morning and on a scale of 1-10 the progress, so far, is simply dirt. And with that, I give you our President, consider me the reporter / farmer combo…

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