Monday, April 26, 2010

gardening at night

Saturday marked the final push of this year’s gardens. You might ask yourself, “What do you mean by gardens? How many did you have last year? How many do you have this year?”, and you be onside with those queries. To address those concerns, yes, gardensssss. We now have what could be called five gardens: our driveway Mediterranean herb-ish garden, two shade gardens (one in front, one in the back), a bigger vegetable patch on the side of the house, and a pumpkin/squash patch at the top of the backyard. As for last year? Well, I’d say we had three about the plot – a smaller veg patch, the driveway garden, and a square-foot garden of which we won’t speak. The garden construction really took hold two weeks ago when the six cubic metres of manure compost showed up in our driveway a few days after X received her two pre-planned shade garden plants. She worked the front shade garden, I helped out getting the veg patch in order, and then we called it a weekend. On Saturday we finished getting the vegetables in the ground and she blasted through the rear shade garden and pumpkin patch after I got as much compost into the back yard as was needed. She finally wrapped up about 8pm as the darkness fell and she could vaguely still see the ground. She was a tired and dirty pup when she came in the house at the fin. Rest assured, she got a nice trip to the day spa yesterday afternoon to get a bit of recovery time. We’ll take some pictures as all the life develops around The Hilltop.

Here’s an interesting finale to a case in Texas a few years ago. The Supreme Court dismissed a request for cert (I’m so legally!) last week in a once sentence release. Why this case is so bizarre isn’t so much because of the actual events between the judge and prosecutor but the responses of people who think about it and then post comments. Even though the article is clearly directly as the process – and not the guilt or innocence in the case – the law-and-order, badass, gun-toting, citizens can’t look passed the “guilty and fry him” mentality. If anyone with a sense of the judicial system can look at this case and say that that actions are defendable then we are really lost.

The Capitals failed to finish off the Canadiens at Verizon on Friday night and now how to play Game 6 in Montreal this evening. Friday’s game was so poorly played on their part – and I witnessed it – that the cliff-dwelling Caps’ fans are close to folding it up and giving in. Even though it wasn’t great, they’ll probably win tonight and all will be forgiven.


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