Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I don't know if it's truly ironic or not but as I was finishing my school registration for next quarter I needed to enroll in one online class (I actually hate online classes). But, in order to do so you have to enroll at the school: you can't enroll online for an online course. Odds?

We continued to bask in the glory of our win the other night - a nice $25 credit that will pay for two Cosmos and one Guinness. I suspect we'll end up with something like 30 points and be wholly embarrassed.

The schools here have sat around conference rooms and debated how to make up the seven days lost to blizzards this month. It looks like some days will be extended and the New School will have the kids in school for at least one full Saturday. I think I heard some despair from children as they failed to process the missed seven days as some sort of layaway plan on future schooling.

I'm spending this evening watching Canada v. Russia in the Olympic quarterfinals. I'm cheering for the Russians...how odd is that?

We are supposed to see some snow over the next 24 hours but I suspect the folks up North will see more.

Standby for some politics, taxes, and stimulus discussion tomorrow. I know, you can't wait.

Love to all.


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