Friday, February 12, 2010

no dazzle. bedazzle.

I had a very nice birthday yesterday – well, aside from the shoveling part - and even that wasn’t so bad. Thanks to everyone for wishes, cards, and gifts.

When I got home from a half-day’s work I was treated to the theatre in our living room as a birthday gift from the long-time resident monkeys and the newest monkey. It was very entertaining and special; since it was only opening night of the production I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else until after the weekend. Mark your calendars.

The Eleven headed up to the Greek Taverna in McLean for dinner last night after we settled the kids in with food and a movie. We decided on the Taverna for two reasons: we love Greek food, and Caps’ owner Ted Leonsis (of Greek-American descent) says it’s the best Greek in the area. Good enough. We absolutely loaded up on appetizers and ate until we could eat no more. Even though the reviews on Yelp! are mixed, I can answer that issue posthaste: they do some authentic work there and they’re not trying to bedazzle you with overdone, Americanized Greek food. Everything we had was done well and we wouldn’t think twice about going back or sending anyone else there.

Our weather has stabilized for the weekend and I’ll finally be back in class tonight. I think I have a few mid-terms to be made up.

I’m carting all the kids to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Sunday morning. Being that it’s L’s favorite series of all-time, and she has some heft to compare it to, we’re quite worried that it won’t live up to book. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Love to all.


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