Thursday, April 23, 2009

me and you too

Good gravy, I’ve been a bit heavy on the news the last few days. It happens. I found out this morning that one of my favorites, Todd Snider, is coming back to D.C. over the summer and this has nudged me off the news for a bit. While I’m in the vein of musical thought I figured I’d throw out a video I’ve watched a number of times over the last month. I think I latched onto it while watching U2’s weeklong stand on Letterman when the new album was released last month – while searching youtube, I came across this gem. I haven’t bought a U2 album in well over a decade – no grand reason, I simply haven’t been moved – but I was a huge fan throughout the 80s and just maybe into the early 90s. This song, With or Without You was on the Joshua Tree album that was released during my time in Monterey at the very opening of my military career and I remember listening to it over and over on the Mazda 323’s cassette deck; Joshua Tree was a fantastic album. I still love the band, I think they’re one of the greatest to tread the stage, and Bono’s voice can still rivet the listener. Here’s the live version of With or Without You that closed a show at Slane Castle, County Meath, Republic of Ireland. Put on some headphones, crank it up, and enjoy one of the great bands doing one of the great songs…

“We’ll shine like stars in the summer night.
We’ll shine like stars, it’ll be alright.
One heart, one heart, one heart.”


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