Friday, July 07, 2017

tie one on

I hear that Jos. A. Bank is selling skinny-er ties. It’s come up because for about six months I’ve been looking to move skinnier than the now current wider style. I was alerted to Neck & Tie by a co-worker who’d been at a selling/product/art pop-up market last month here in DC. She and her husband own a nice shop in DC so they were there scouting for product for more professional reasons. I’m five ties deep into their collection and they’re really nice.

Even though I get my shirts from Bank, I haven’t been in for a while and the last time I was in I’d asked about skinnier product – apparently to no effect. Until now. Another co-worker commented on my tie today (skinny) and how she’d tried to buy her soon-to-be retired husband a tie for Father’s Day and they had a few on display on a small round table at Bank; whe was told that she shouldn’t by any of those for him because “they were for the young kids.” Young kids?

Fuck that.

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