Sunday, October 26, 2014

sibbilance sibbiilance...ah, nevermind.

"Includes the 3 most popular blades (fine, medium ribbon, and ultra coarse) as well as a fourth slicer blade."

This is part of the description for a box grater that X had (broken) and now needs a new copy. I'm trying to come up with the list of ten most popular blades - and the seven that didn't make the box grater cut (ha ha). "Yes dear, I love this box grater, but I was really hoping for one with the large ribbon blade."

I went to see show a Sixth and I in D.C. last night, and couldn't be more disappointed in the outcome. Rarely do I feel like I'm suffering through something - I now have the feeling anew. The performance is hard to gauge, but that portion seemed to not be a contributing factor - the sound man needs to be fired. Probably needs to pay a fine for the shit he put out there. I've never heard such a complete pile of noise at a concert, particularly with an artist who thrives on vocals, lyrics, harmonies, etc. The only things you could actually hear were the 100x too loud drums and the way overamped bass guitar. Voices were completely lost. Banjo lost. keyboard - dude might as well have been sitting in the audience with us. Awful. Listen, I've been in that venue many times and sat in the exact same spot - exact spot - and the sound in the building is excellent. Sound mixes have been excellent. This was pure garbage. Also, worst guitar techs I've ever seen - hey dudes, why don't you stand stage left and stage right in the lights and sight lines and tune fucking guitars all night. Maybe you can crouch down and go back and forth across the front of the stage during songs. Hey, maybe you can not have the guitars ready on time for the the next song....hacks. It really makes me wonder about how few really good road sound engineers there are out there these days. This wasn't some 1,000 CD selling act - they are on a sold out tour across the US - and more will no doubt suffer. Unbelievable.

Find. I'm going to cut the lawn, once I get the damn kids of it.

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