Monday, September 15, 2014

fare thee well...

We all have a few things in our lives that hold the center; you know, your favorite music, favorite lines of code, and favorites sandwiches. The Eleven swung by Song Que today - on a lark - to grab a #9 sandwich, one of the great sandwiches of the day. It's actually a banh mi, the #9 being a barbecued tofu version. They also have the best taro bubble tea around, and that's saying something considering it's located in Eden Center, the midst of the Vietnamese community. I guess something called us there on a Monday afternoon, and what luck, since they are closing after today. The deli is owned by a relative (I think a brother) of the same family that runs Four Sisters in Falls Church. It has long been a favorite deli not only for the sandwiches and bubble tea, but myriad fruits and offerings that you don't see anywhere else. Sad to see them pull up stakes, but glad we had dozens of great sandwiches there.

Off to quiz for the evening. We are three-member team these days so we've tumbled back to our lower top ten position when we make it out. I'm drinking a mug of Brain Food tea...this may work out.

L. is back from Victoria. Maybe I'll have her guest blog since she won't blog on her blog. Blog on your own blog! Here are some shots of her and the birds of prey she was hanging around with in Victoria.

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