Sunday, May 11, 2014


At some point about a month ago I got duckpin bowling on my brain brought on by a local NPR story about a house and its owner. He'd started out as a pinboy (a term I'm making up), eventually moved on to manage a number of houses, and then bought White Oak Lanes in Maryland. I've bowled - lots - but have never seen duckpin bowling. (As an aside, some research led directly to the New England cousin  - candlepin bowling - of which we will partake next month.) On my off day, the 51 headed north to Maryland for a few lines of duckpin bowling at White Oak. Our reward was one of the coolest games ever - better than regular bowling. Sure, it's basically the same sport,except you get three balls per frame with the same basic scoring requirements, but it's a much more technical game. Add in the fact that these lanes are such a throwback to the great days of self scoring on paper, pinball machines, and that bowling alley feel, and I was in heaven. L. was quite impressed by the entire situation and was right up for the challenge of three games - the final two being a pitched battle between us for high score. It was more than one could hope for, and we'll return often.

After our expedition we snuck back into DC for a first visit to the (somewhat) new Union Market in NE.  Since it's only a block from Litteri's ("Kings of the World"), we knew we could get a two-fer. The market is nice, particularly on a quiet Thursday afternoon with no crowds, and it stands out for the new (to me) cheese place, Righteous, and a branch of Peregine Coffee (best DC coffee, hands down). Righteous hooked me up with long-lost and hard-to-find Sofia goat cheese (from here); Peregrine treated me to a lovely latte. The rest of the market is acceptable enough with a cool kitchen/home shop on one end, and a knife/monger that caught my attention. Beyond that there are some wine places, eating place, butchers, and a few other unmemorable businesses. It's nice, but not stunning - I'll drive to Florida Ave. for Litteri's, probably not for the Market. That said, they'll get some collateral visits.

Oh, there they are.

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