Tuesday, April 29, 2014

the great southwest

My weekend in Tucson was lovely. Even the long flights worked out well enough with only my final return leg from DFW to DCA being a big uncomforable (leg room issues). I'd certainly fly American again before considering another airline for cross-country travel.

I had cocktails and dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Saturday night at Scott &  Co. (return visit) before dinner at Poca Casa across the street (another return visit). Hopefully, it was welcome break for the Mister, who is in the midst of working loads of hours while piling on 12 or 16 hours of college - admirable, if debilitating. Company and cocktails were excellent; I'd been longing for some Campari and/or bitters so the Lying Bastard served me just fine. Dinner was good, if not as excellent as it was during our December visit - my tamale was good, not great; service wasn't up to par. I won't not go back, but they get one more chance to tip the scales. On Sunday the missus and I met at the Heirloom Farmers Market for some coffee, brunch-y stuff, and a bit of shopping; we had a nice long chat over her waffle and my coffee. I actually did some wandering and shopping before we met: great Mexican chocolate, bags of heirloom beans, hand ground flour, some pepper, and a fine locally roasted bag of decaf French Roast beans. I always forget the limits on volume when flying - I managed to get everything in my bag along with the two bottles of Arizona Stronghold wine which is nearly impossible to find here (they also don't ship to Virginia.) Sunday night we did a melodrama - impossible to find just about anywhere in America these days - at the Gaslight Theatre. It was a wonderful visit and an enjoyable journey that I'd let slip over away over the years.

Oh, there they are:

I stay two nights in the Catalina House at the Azure Gate Bed and Breakfast - top marks. The house had a loft bedroom over a comfortable living room and half kitchen. Fantastic breakfasts created by chef/owner Dennis complemented a beautifully conceived layout and accessories. It will certainly be my base of operations for future Tucson trips.

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