Friday, January 25, 2013

lords of the rings

The Eleven dropped an A4 at the Audi dealership this morning for some instandhaltung. Apparently, the headlights need to be calibrated so that if you’re zipping around Matterhorns and such, the lights anticipate your intentions and make sure you get to the Black Forest on time. That was all; the check-in mädchen stared at me with great interest as I waved my hands and said things like “aim”, “change angles”, “align”, “computer-based arithmatik configuration of headlights”, “make them point where I’m going”, and “there is an error that explains it on the dashboard”. Finally, she thinks and says, “you need the headlights recalibrated?” Yep, that’s it. A bit painful getting there, wasn’t it?

What we both immediately noticed upon pulling the car into the autohaus/maintenance/Begrüßung facility was that no one could possibly have created a more assembly line-like set of car owners. All of the people/men were about 30-32 years old, stubble, black hip-length jackets, black pants, boots, and scarf. Each carrying a blackish version of the European carry all. All having stepped from the six A4s created equally from the A4-rainbow spectrum of white, black, gray, and silver.

Dan? Any input?

Now we Sprocket!

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