Sunday, August 28, 2011


Pizza night has slowed over the summer; not happenings, just folks. We have only four last week and four this week (swapping out one kid for another). 'Tis fig season, finally, so we've gone with a white sauce with: figs, heavily smoked salmon, rosemary, and feta - all a gamble. L. is staying true to her bacon, pepperoni, and cream cheese.

I'm now officially working another job - for career ideas, not money - on the weekends. I'll be working a pastry-baking line position at a strongly considered place in Arlington. With the school quarter nearly over, and being off next quarter - I'll be swapping my weekends for being home during the week in the evenings, at least for three months. There will be further evaluation after the New Year.

The house situation has turned. As expected (at least on my part), the sane member of our landlord's house has essentially called in and canceled the whole sordid 60-day notice affair. That means we aren't under a time constraint, though we'll keep looking, and we can actually consider this house as an option.

We've been hit with the remnants of Irene and a pretty good earthquake this week, but we've survived with no damage or worry.

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