Friday, March 04, 2011

clearing out the house

I was adding a dinner party invite to our Google calendar this morning and I noticed this nugget sitting in the middle of Wednesday evening: Futon Person. That’s it; a complete entry.

I’ve spoke of the New School, where L. is at, in the past. From the first time The Eleven walked in about three years ago, I hoped I could go back in time and spend four years of H.S. there. I’d love to teach there if I had the skill set. A few weeks ago I was talking about Annapolis with a co-worker (Academy grad), and planning a visit, and as he drew a map he described the triangle that includes the Academy, some other corner, and St. John’s College. I’d never heard of St. John’s – at least this one – but the description sounded fantastic. Wow. If I were younger, and much more dedicated to college than I was in 1983 (and I am now), this would be the place. Simply amazing. Take a look. Now I have a H.S. and college in mind for my time-machine travels.

My company completed our move last weekend so we’ve settled in the new place (it is quite nice) over this first week. I’ve split driving and riding the bus this week, but the bus will be the long-term plan. It’s cheaper, takes longer, but ensures I can avoid any traffic flare ups.

About two weeks left in my current quarter at school, a short break, and then back into cooking classes. I’ll be working in the school’s restaurant Monday – Wednesday evenings. Half my time in the kitchen, half of my time spent in the front of the house. That should go well…

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